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The Deed Restrictions Oversight Committee (DROCOM) serves to insure that the deed restrictions for the subdivision are followed, and to help maintain the apprearance and livablility of our neighborhood.  The committee is composed of volunteers from among the homeowners, and Gerald Fowler is chairman.

Tenants of rental properties are subject to all provisions of the deed restrictions. Property owners are responsible to insure that tenants comply with deed restrictions.

A full copy of our deed restrictions can be found in your directory or under the Documents tab.on the SBOCA website, www.springbranchoaks.com.


Below is a list of the most frequently noted violations: (Many of these violations are also City Code violations and can be fined as such)

1) Vehicles parked in the grass/yard

2) Unmaintained lawns, trees and shrubs

3) Trash, garbage or other waste on property and trash storage containers kept in sight of the street. Also, the city will not pick up black trash bags by the curb with lawn debris. Lawn debris must be in biodegradable bags purchased from retailers selling the approved bags.

4) Unmaintained structures and fences (i.e. rotting wood, peeling paint, damaged roofs)

5) Garage Sales: Per the State Comptroller: Residents are allowed to have only two sales within a twelve-month period.  Any more than two and the resident is recognized as having a business and must obtain a sales tax permit from the state.  Since many subdivisions prohibit solicitation and commercial businesses within residential areas of a neighborhood, such activity is restricted.


Please report any DROCOM issues at the following email - sbodrocom@gmail.com.

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